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Formette Documentation

Hi, welcome, Formette is a simple way to save information from your website via forms, it gives your site super powers. It brings your forms to life, without having a need for any coding or a backend/Server.

Our service is perfect for those who have static sites, that is, they are not dynamic, they do not have a server. Save submissions on contact forms, collecting emails for a newsletter, polls, surveys, etc.

If you’re here, it’s because you need help, we’re here to help with whatever it takes. Our documentation is straightforward, but if you have any problem finding out, send us your feedback.

Quick Setup


First, create an account if you do not already have one. Make sure you have a site where you can edit the content.

Create a new form

To start receiving submissions from your site, simply create a form. You can now copy an endpoint and paste it into an existing form on your site or copy the provided html sample.

If you have more than one site or even more than one form on the site you can create different form for each one. For example, if you have a contact form and a newsletter form, you would create two named forms contact and newsletter.

To better understand the endpoints and where to put them, see the Setting it up page.

Website Integration

Formette provides an HTTPS endpoint that will accept form data for each site and form. After you have created a form in Formette, it will show you the code to place on your website.